“Sometimes it pays not to be interested in what happened but in what did not happen.”

– Ambeth O. Ocampo

16/1 Did the Intramuros Walking Tour by Carlos Celdran which was another insightful day, learning about Filipino history… the end of the day on the other hand turned out shit, with a moody human.

19/1 Decided to check out the new Okada casino here in Metro Manila… mind you that meant also staying up past 8pm haha. E clearly could see the exhaustion on my face when we were heading out and it didn’t help when Uber drivers here couldn’t find our location FML. On the flip side, both the interior and the exterior of the casino was beautifully built. It was like walking through corals, the varying bright colours mixed with gold. The gaming floor was wide and it was surprising to see a slot machine competition!?

20/1 Visited Mall of Asia yesterday for a little bit, before heading off to an amazing buffet for dinner! I highly recommend having dinner, or breakfast which I heard was also just as brilliant, at Brasserie on 3. The food had an extensive and fresh range of produce as well as local Filipino cuisines. The desserts was to die for, especially their creme brûlée. Ask for the drink of the month, which I was given a mint, cucumber and calamansi juice. Sounds basic right? But don’t judge before you try! I was sipping on that glass like no tomorrow. I’ll write a proper review on a separate post. Headed home after that satisfying meal and slept like a baby.






~ MJ

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