“Denial is a useful defense mechanism until it’s not.”

– Rosalind Kaplan

9/2 The week has flown and I completed the first week of work for one of my work places. There is still much to learn with the system there and I wish I can install my own system. But if I do it will present more challenges and maybe I should just follow what has been done previously. My first ever finger tattoo has faded, which is disappointing, because now I have to either get it outlined again elsewhere or perhaps get it more details drawn on. Heading to the gym soon, getting two more white frames and putting my head down today for the second vlog.

10/2 Vlog two is out! Check it out here. I had a bit of a uploading hick up yesterday, where Adobe PP couldn’t directly encode and upload on the youtube channel. I had to separately encode and then upload directly on the youtube studio. Anyways finally got it up and running. I plan to upload these vlogs once a week, so I can finally work on the Philippine travel vlogs and juggle the other things in life.

12/2 Pay day tomorrow I think… adulting is tough. But so happy that I can finally pay off some debts. Anyways, where the heck did February go? It’s already half way through the month! Went through a few more boxes at work, checkout the new office at my other workplace and can’t wait to smash through the third travel vlog.






~ MJ

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