“I would always rather be happy than dignified.”

– Charlotte Bronte





23/2 During days off, my body wakes up when I don’t want it to wake up and during the days I have work, it wakes up like its still on a break. Frustrating. Anyways, had a massive burger brunch today after finally getting some life back to my lashes at Lady Lash. The lash technicians here are amazing as well as their services! The quality of the lashes are top notch, so the money you spend is worth while.

26/2 February is almost done and dusted! CSU online has started for me and I haven’t even done the modules for this week… Today is gloomy and miserable, though it is refreshing after weeks of dry heat. I didn’t get a chance to hit the beaches here in Sydney  in Summer. If you haven’t had the chance to watch it yet, I uploaded the third vlog of E’s here. This is just over 20 minutes and let me tell you, uploading it was a pain. I can’t fathom how frustrating it would be to upload in a city that doesn’t have fast internet. After bugging E, I got a few pieces to decorate his room. The one thing I’d love to do, but know it’ll take some convincing to do, is painting his room. It’s got all these grey marks that definably need some tlc. I have a whole gaming system, the only thing I have yet to purchase is a gaming chair. Not that I play much, but having great equipment makes computing quite efficient.

What do you think about the live chat function I have on my blog? Doesn’t have to be professionally related, if you feel like having a random chat I don’t bite 🙂


~ MJ

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