“Problem with an old friend who is too busy: he always perceives you as if never changed.”

– Toba Beta

16/3 I have all these books I’d love to start reading, but I have had no time to dive into them. There’s this novel that I bought months ago and it is still packaged in a brown bag, up on my shelf. Others are left with bookmarks, not even half way through the book. I guess I haven’t found a compelling story in a while, that can reignite my passion to start reading again. I remember reading the Harry Potter series and I couldn’t put the books down, one after the other and sometimes re-reading them.

18/3 A cockroach was dizzy trying to scramble away yesterday, in my room, when I spotted it. When I did, I naturally screamed and ran to my mum to deal with it. But first got my younger brother to bring my laptop out of my room and into the dinning room so I can continue my work. Fortunately, my mum brought the large monstrous thing outdoors and till now I am getting those uncomfortable goosebumps.

19/3 Many things on my plate.






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