“In the middle of everything lies an opportunity“ – Albert Einstein I have completed my first assignment, a week before schedule. Productivity 1 procrastination… I shall not number. I generally have a to-do list each day, though the struggle to complete each one is real. It does help, because it outlines for me the core areas I need to focus […]

MAASive Lates: Science

To welcome the exciting Sydney Science Festival and National Science Week, the Powerhouse Museum opened its doors for a late night event (6 – 9pm) called MAASive Lates. It was a night filled with all things science-related, it truly was like an adults’ playground! We each had an ‘experience passport’ that showcased a variety of exhibitions, performances […]


1/175 Ocean View Rd, Ettalong Beach NSW 2257 You cannot miss this cute cafe, with its bright yellow-striped decorations, beach-inspired interior and wide windows. It is a charming place to eat before a full day ahead. I loved how airy it was, letting in that sweet, fresh coastal air. You can either choose to eat […]


2000, 500 George St, Sydney NSW 2000 What is essentially dubbed as “the ikea of Japan”, finally landed its store in Sydney! It is fast becoming one of my favourite stores, simply because of it’s sleek designs that can accompany any background. From comfortable cotton clothing, wood and acrylic storage boxes, stainless steel kitchenwares, beddings, furniture, travel needs […]