1. Where did the name Purple Curiosity come from?

The name actually took a while to come up with. I won’t go over the few names I thought of, so let me start off with, why ‘purple’? I love the colour purple; I would name my future dog purple… if it was purple. Adding ‘curiosity’ was another personal touch, because I’d like to say I’m an eager learner, intrigued by life itself – especially when it comes to food, novels, events, technology, destinations and so forth.

2. What course are you studying?

Bachelor of Business and Commerce (Hospitality) sub-majoring in two areas: Japanese and Human Resource Development. Completing a Bachelor in Information Services (Records and Archives). Yes, I’m all over the place.

3. Heritage?

Born in the Philippines; Grew up in Western Sydney, Australia

4. How did you come across writing posts?

I’ve used various platforms, from MSN blog platform, Tumblr, etc and now settling to WordPress.com. From a young age I would write a lot in my journals and perhaps I heard from a friend or read other people’s blogs, that I decided to start my own. What I love about blogging from hand-written journals is the flexible flair to be original and being able to showcase your creativity, to a wide audience. Since maybe year 8 onwards, I have been uploading posts and still improving.

Disclaimer: Products and other reviewed items/places/events are all based on my honest opinion. That is why I have decided to remove the ratings, why? Ratings can be useless, and each product’s result can vary from person to person.

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